Accordions for Sale - Page 4


Vintage Italian made 3 Row, 80 Bass Diatonic accordion

Scottish Musette Tuned (B,C,C#)

In good condition


Made in Germany this Cassotto 1 is a stunning 4 Voice, 96 Bass, Double Cassotto, Double Octave Tuned Instrument

In factory original 'mint' condition it is a superb accordion


Top quality Italian accordion
4 voice, 96 Bass, Factory Musette Tuned
In excellent Condition


Hohner Tango IVS with factory installed full MIDI system.
4 Voice, 96 Bass, double octave tuned.
In Very Good Condition (N.B some crazing on a few of the treble keys)
Supplied with Hohner MIDI interface box and leads.


Hohner Bravo 111

3 Voice, 96 Bass

used to demo only so in excellent condition


Fismen Iris Special

Made in Italy (Castelfidardo)

Double Cassotto, 4 Voice, 96 Bass (in 72 size case),

Musette tuned (23 cents),

Sennheiser Internal Microphones, full Blueline MIDI with Bellows Sensor

all in a stunning solid Olive Wood Cabinet

mor aaa 14.jpg

Hohner Morino 111MS

Manufactured late 1950's this extremely rare accordion is indeed something special.

Compact & Lightweight Design

(size comparison is more like 72 Bass model - has narrower black keys)

Musette Tuned, 4 Voice, 120 Bass accordion.

Condition is amazing (looks like it was made yesterday) and all totally Hohner original so a unique and very desirable instrument


It isn't Cassotto so therefore won't sound like the full size Hohner Morino models but as you would expect being a Morino instrument it plays, looks and sounds great all the same


The Scandalli 'Super V1' Extreme

 without doubt one of the finest accordions ever made


The legend of the Super VI model summarizes the evolution of Scandalli quality, and generally of the accordion industry. This product is the result of intelligence, intuition, passion and dedication, and its excellent quality is still guaranteed today by the choice of materials and by our careful attention to even the smallest details.
This model is still so strong and present on the market today that it has become the emblem of the Scandalli brand worldwide
.  Scandalli, Italy