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These accordions are the latest additions to our extensive range of

quality pre-owned instruments

Every month we will offer 2 discounted

'Hot Item Deals' 

Victoria Super

Top Quality Italian Accordion

 4 Voice, Musette Tuned, 34 Treble / 72 Bass

  Pristine Condition

Price £ SOLD  

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 Concerto 111T

 3 voice, 34 Treble / 72 Bass

Absolutely stunning accordion

in like brand new condition.

Made in Germany.

 Price £1,500  

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Galotta Student 48

Made in Germany

2 Voice, 48 Bass

great starter accordion or for anyone looking for a lighter instrument

Condition is 'As New'

 Price £620.00  

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Lovely Italian accordion

37 Treble / 96 Bass

4 Voice, Musette Tuned in V.G.C

 Price £1,750  

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HOHNER Bravo 111

3 Voice, 72 Bass

In mint condition (ex.demo model)

compact, lightweigh and sounds great

Price £ SOLD  

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Delicia (Scottish)

5 Row, 'C' system

3 Voice, 80 Bass in V.G.C

converted to give 3 across musette (23 cents tuned)

Great sounding accordion ideal for gigging musician

 Price £960  

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Guerrini Polka King

Italian Made

 4 Voice, 120 Bass, Musette Tuned

Internal Microphones/L.H Power Bass (untested)


 Price £1,500 o.n.o  

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Clinkscale / Borsini

(this is a Borsini SL493 model)

fully overhauled in V.G.C

4 Voice, 120 Bass, Musette Tuned

Price £1,450 o.n.o 

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Menghini Musette 

 Top Quality Italian Accordion.

37 Treble / 96 Bass

4 Voice, Musette Tuned in Excellent Condition. Hot Item Price £1,850.00  

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 Super VI Extreme

stunning instrument and without doubt one of the best accordions ever made. The flagship of the Scandalli range this is a factory 'musette tuned' model manufactured in 2018/19.

In 'As New' Condition

 Hot Item Price £ SOLD  

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